Fighting Kites – Hamamatsu’s Festival

On the last day of the office “Golden Week” holiday, I headed out with my friends/students to the city of Hamamatsu to take part in the festivities. There are 2 parts to the famous festival, the “kite fighting” out on the sand dunes and then the twilight/night parades with dozens of wooden “floats” which I think of more like huge, ornately decorated wagons. This festival … Continue reading Fighting Kites – Hamamatsu’s Festival

A Rainy Day in Hamamatsu

Some of my fave students and I spent a rainy day in Hamamatsu, about an hour away, enjoying lunch, a lil’ shopping, and the Museum of Musical Instruments. Hamamatsu is know for it’s piano factories, the well-known names of Yamaha and Kawai as well as smaller family businesses. The cool part was getting to listen to samples of the instruments from Asia, Europe, Africa and … Continue reading A Rainy Day in Hamamatsu