A Rainy Day in Hamamatsu

Some of my fave students and I spent a rainy day in Hamamatsu, about an hour away, enjoying lunch, a lil’ shopping, and the Museum of Musical Instruments. Hamamatsu is know for it’s piano factories, the well-known names of Yamaha and Kawai as well as smaller family businesses.

The cool part was getting to listen to samples of the instruments from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas… Of course I was familiar with many of the instruments, but getting to see them and hear them individually was pretty cool – though there were some European ones that I had never seen or heard before which was a nice surprise.

We also went to a cool Spanish restaurant for some delicious paella and tapas dinner before heading home. What a nice and fun day!

Ai-chan playing this mongolian instrument


This thing did not want to be played successfully by anyone!


Kazumi remembering her piano lessons from 20 years ago


Ai and I playing the Japanese Koto "Sakura, sakura, cherry blossoms everywhere..."


Ai drawing a portrait of "the moms" while they posed according to her instructions! Budding artist on our hands!


Playing "sai, sho, gu" until someone reaches the top of the stairs - hehe, pretty funny actually and kinda fun 🙂

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