Fighting Kites – Hamamatsu’s Festival

On the last day of the office “Golden Week” holiday, I headed out with my friends/students to the city of Hamamatsu to take part in the festivities. There are 2 parts to the famous festival, the “kite fighting” out on the sand dunes and then the twilight/night parades with dozens of wooden “floats” which I think of more like huge, ornately decorated wagons. This festival … Continue reading Fighting Kites – Hamamatsu’s Festival

Chikubu shima (island)

  Our first stop was Nagahama Castle on the shores of  Biwa-ko, Japan’s largest lake. The castle was built in 1574 but in 1615 after being captured by Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu it was dissembled and used in the construction of Hikone castle, further south on the coast. On our way to tiny Chikubu island in the middle of Lake Biwa – one of 8 most … Continue reading Chikubu shima (island)

Weird & Wonderful Wednesdays

Ok, so bagels are something that is difficult to find here in Japan… and why they used this in the name is a mystery, but I bought this pillow partially cause I was curious if it was comfortable and partially cause I almost collapsed in a fit of giggles when I was reading the package.  And I was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s pretty … Continue reading Weird & Wonderful Wednesdays

Kiki Sensei no Okasan comes to Japan!

In honor of my mother’s birthday today (Feb 1) I will write about another exciting day involving her – October 16th, 2011 – the day she arrived in Japan to “hang out” with me for a bit… Most of you probably know that my mom came to Japan, but maybe not all the details of how it all happened. First, I asked my boss if … Continue reading Kiki Sensei no Okasan comes to Japan!