Chikubu shima (island)

  Our first stop was Nagahama Castle on the shores of  Biwa-ko, Japan’s largest lake. The castle was built in 1574 but in 1615 after being captured by Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu it was dissembled and used in the construction of Hikone castle, further south on the coast. On our way to tiny Chikubu island in the middle of Lake Biwa – one of 8 most … Continue reading Chikubu shima (island)

Anniversary & Ume blossoms

A year is isnt’ really a long enough time to completely forget what happened… maybe some of the details are a little fuzzy, but you remember the gut wrenching fear and sorrow. And you can never forget…but maybe that helps you remember to pray for those who were/are still touched by loss. So we take a moment in silence to say a prayer and show … Continue reading Anniversary & Ume blossoms